Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun with MMA Headlines

I find it humorous that subsequent headlines on discuss whether current UFC light heavyweight champ Jonny "Bones" Jones could use some humility in his game, along side an article about Chris Weidman discussing how he can beat middleweight honcho Anderson Silva.

These are different writers discussing different fighters in different situations, but the script should be flipped on this. In reality, it is, but for the sake of writing something interesting, not so.

Anyone that honestly assesses the situation without bias it's amazing Bones isn't more arrogant. He comes across as wildly confident, and I think to myself, if I was his age, beating up the toughest guys on the planet, having money thrown at, I'd probably get drunk and crash my $200,000 Bentley into a telephone pole. Ok, that happened to JBJ, and it was his most egregious mistake as a young UFC champ. But still, there is a difference between humility and embarrassment. From what I gather about Bones, is that he does have humility about him. Some of the stuff he says comes off as too planned, leaving a taste of fake humility in some people's mouths, but at least he acknowledges what humility is. People are looking for him to not be humble, but to be embarrassed. To be unsure. To lack confidence. Those things are taught through experience. Maybe in his past, he learned those things talking to girls or singing in the choir or playing defensive lineman in pee-wee football, but he hasn't experienced that in the Octagon.

Meanwhile, Chris Weidman is talking about how he can give Anderson Silva something no one else has. While I have no doubt Weidman believes he can win, that doesn't amount for much. Chael Sonnen believed he could beat Silva, and he almost did once and got crushed the other time. I wouldn't pick Weidman to beat Chael at this point, let alone go take down the greatest MMA fighter that ever lived. Certainly all this talk is to draw attention to Weidman, makes some noise for a potential opponent that Anderson Silva probably has little to no idea of who he is.

The purpose of these articles is clear, but the scope might need adjusting a bit.

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