Thursday, September 5, 2013

FAABulous: Fantasy Football Pick-ups Week 1

Why Terrelle Pryor? Because no other Raider will proabably ever be pictured in this column ROS. (
FAABulous will recap the week of football activity and point fantasy owners where to spend their hard earned (not really) FAAB or waiver priority. Players will be owned in at most 50% of Yahoo! FFL. This is the one time where mo' money probably wouldn't mean mo' problems.

Yes, we aren't even a year old yet here at FAABulous. Last year's Week 2 column debuted with some RGIII love and it's been a series of hits and misses since. As I mentioned during my wrap up last year, I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. Picking from a group of players owned in less than 50% of leagues, especially later in the year is no easy task, and the fact that I didn't make a plethora of miserable picks is something I can hang my porkpie hat on

As I look forward to Week 1 both as a fan and inquisitively for some cheap fantasy plays, I'm inclined to point out that ESPN has launched an awesome weekly fantasy game. The Gridiron Challenge. Yes, this is not new, but a feature the ESPN has implemented this season is. Instead of arranging a team based on salary and working the team week to week, ESPN has added a player eliminator option. It's basically a suicide pool of players you can play week to week. So, if you're over the moon about Adrian Peterson this week, do you use him against the Lions or save him for later? It looks to be really entertaining, and I whole heartedly recommend people sign up for this option. I'm in the group Fans of Philadelphia Eagles - Eliminator under Starwin Lubos 1.

Anyway, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Looking at the under utilized fantasy plays this week, I see some old FAABulous favorites pop up. I'll do my best to resist any lingering affections from 2012, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. Leggggggo!

2013 FAABulous Ranks: QB, WR, RB, TE

A Raider and a Jet? Barf. (
Bilal Powell, NYJ - RB (33% owned)

Well, Powell has been named the starter over Chris Ivory for whatever that is worth. Honestly, I'd be fine not touching any Jets this season, or at the very least considering these fellow "non-starting" RBs instead.

Knowshon Moreno, DEN - RB (41%)

You're not fooling us all again, Knowshon! The Denver RB situation is murky at best. Ronnie Hillman basically fumbled his way out of contention, leaving the now veteran Moreno to duke it out with Badger Alumnus Montee Ball. Ball is the flashier name, and has more upside than the known Moreno, but as we all know, it's Peyton's show in Mile High. Moreno's knowledge and familiarity in the offense seems to give him the early edge, but this seems to be leaning more towards a split carry situation. But when you're talking the Denver offense, anything could happen. When Moreno played last year, he put up double digit fantasy points in 5 of 6 weeks.

Joique Bell, DET - RB (29%)

I handed in my transfer request on Reggie Bush his first year in Miami. I think he just is who he is now. Sure, when you play to his strengths as a receiver out of the backfield, he'll do better than a straight forward rusher, but I'd rather bet on Ryan Broyles to be the benefactor of some of thos 700+ Matthew Stafford passing attempts than Bush. Bell has shown ability when given the chance. 

E.J. Manuel, BUF - QB (19%)

If you have Aaron Rodgers and want to take a flier on your back-up, E.J. is your man.

Kenny Stills, NO - WR (11%)

It's not so much that Stills is good or bad, it's that he tenuously holds the 3rd WR position in the Saints offense. This position has been really hit or miss over the years with the likes of Lance Moore and Robert Meachem taking advantage of a couple of Brees balls thrown their way. 

Quinton Patton, SF - WR (9%)

You want some fringe guys around Colin Kaepernick. I don't know what to make of Kaep going into this season, but the guy has star quality. Patton has emerged late at Niners camp, and could rise quickly if he can meld with his QB.


Christine Michael, SEA (26%)

Perhaps no one gained more pre-season value than Michael. The rooke 2nd rounder created a buzz with his play, and how he looked on the field. While he could be a potential replacement for Marshawn Lynch down the road, that time is not now. Unless Beast Mode gets hurt, Michael won't have much value. 

THE 1%

Marlon Brown, BAL - WR (1%)

Brown is someone to take note of for the defending Super Bowl Champs. There's been no shortage of coverage about the Ravens being disbanded after last season, so when you pay your quarterback $127M you'd expect him to make some players into playmakers. And no one loves the random bomb downfield than Joe Flacco.

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