Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UFC: 20 Years

Matt Hughes takes on B.J. Penn. (

There's a lot of reasons I love the UFC. As it reaches the 20th anniversary, set to culminate on Saturday at UFC 167 in Las Vegas, there have been multiple media outlets and the UFC themselves parading out some of the greatest of. A retrospective for a 20 year-old sport seems premature, but at the same time the growth and story of the UFC amazing enough that it needs to be documented. I don't have the time or wherewithal to dive deep into my history with the sport, but I'm sure I'll share a couple of thoughts in my Looking for a Fight column later this week when I discuss the Georges St-Pierre v. Johny Hendricks fight, but for now, I wanted to pass along a quick ranking I did on for the best UFC fighters over the past 20 years.

My rankings are also listed below, and you can vote for your own selections as well.

SportsNation RankingsPoints#1 VotesYour Rankings
1.Anderson Silva63123031.Anderson Silva
2.Georges St-Pierre5552892.Georges St-Pierre
3.Jon Jones52561013.Jon Jones
4.Chuck Liddell4478434.Chuck Liddell
5.Randy Couture3933315.Matt Hughes
6.Royce Gracie3762656.Randy Couture
7.Matt Hughes293877.B.J. Penn
8.B.J. Penn268348.Tito Ortiz
9.Tito Ortiz258859.Royce Gracie
10.Frank Shamrock2260410.Mark Coleman
11.Mark Coleman1407611.Frank Shamrock

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