Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fantasy Funkhouser: So You Don't Own any Colorado Rockies Position Players?

Troy Tulowitzki is leading an offensive barrage in Mile High. (
Fantasy Funkhouser will review all things Fantasy Baseball. After all, life is a small sample size.

It's May. Having a lot of regrets thus far in fantasy baseball isn't uncommon. In fact, after years of meditation I've been able to overcome my extreme anger and impatience that plagued me through my early years in fantasy. Case in point: I haven't dropped Billy Butler on the few leagues where I drafted him. 

Sure, there's still a lot more season to go, and it is worth it to try to not overreact to slumping players with proven track records, but what is undeniable is that we can look back on the past month and know we missed out on some big opportunities. One that jumps out at me is not owning as many of the Colorado Rockies' position players as possible. The lure of the Colorado offense is no surprise, but the quantity and quality at which they have performed thus far is incredible. 
The team ranks 1st in virtually any offensive stat that matters: Runs, Batting Average, OBP, Slugging. Let's take a look at how these guys could have made your April a lot better.

Charlie Blackmon, RF (Y! Rank: 2) .359/.396/.602
I can't sit here and say I'm shocked by Blackmon as a whole, but I did assume he'd start quieting down by now after his red hot start. Blackmon actually started getting into a groove late last year. In limited action he closed out August and September with an OPS over .850. It's possible he's really found himself and can be a solid on base guy that can score runs and steal some bags. His 7 HR so far this year is what's really separating him. He's managed to hold off more highly touted player Corey Dickerson, who is only batting .348 in 46 at bats. Have to do better than that, Corey.

Carlos Gonzalez, LF (Y! Rank: 21) .284/.324/.530
The guy we expect to perform at this level is. Cargo is still finding miraculous was to ding, bruise, or hobble himself to get pulled from games early and have his fantasy owners fret over his health, but it's smooth sailing so far. If anything the obscene numbers his teammates are putting up leaves us wanting even more.

Troy Tulowitzki, SS (Y! Rank: 1) .414/.511/.775
Injuries be damned. Home/road splits be damned. Getting this amount of production from Tulo outweighs all of that. It's not out of the question that he can stay healthy. If he can ... big things.

Nolan Arenado, 3B (Y! Rank: 18) .324/.346/.535
The second year gold glover is also riding a 27 game hitting streak. He's taken kindly to the Coors atmosphere but he's actually hitting better on the road (.357) than at home (.292). Predictably though the power is mainly at Coors, and that's fine. Arenado is turning into the 3B equivalent of Andrelton Simmons minus some flashy plays and packing in more offense. 

Justin Morneau, 1B (Y! Rank: 22) .331/.350/.585
Let the hair pulling begin. Justin Morneau! He has a lot of very productive seasons to his name, but a serious concussion just about ruined his career and led to lackluster results the last 4 seasons. At 32-years-old he's not past his prime, but expecting the mountains and altitude to recreate Morneau in his MVP years. Well, that's what is happening. I always had the suspicion that confidence and comfort played a big part in Morneau's struggles, and that certainly appears to be the case as he is hitting comfortably in this formidable line-up. 

Michael Cuddyer, OF (Y! Rank: 268) .317/.373/.533
Cuddyer's rank is a result of a couple of injuries he has suffered so far. He only has 60 AB's and with Blackmon playing out of his mind, there's no rush to bring back Cuddyer before he's ready. Cuddyer was one of the Rockies' best hitters last year and he is looking to continue that success this season as well. Before the season, it was suggested that Cargo would move to CF to make way for Drew Stubbs, but again with Blackmon not Stubbs performing - when Cuddyer gets back it may force the Rockies to dust off that outfield arrangement. 

Wilin Rosario, C (Y! Rank: 422) .274/.306/.494
If there is a disappointment on this roster so far fantasy wise it's Rosario. The Baby Bull is currently out with a viral infection, which may or may not have been dragging his production down a bit. He's hit 49 home runs the past two seasons and although he's off to a slow start, he's improved his K/BB rate and the power and home field advantage is real. Rosario also has the uncanny ability to hit as well at home as he does on the road, so there's a lot of time for him to pick up the slack. 

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