Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome to Lockration.

Lockration. was started as a way for my friends and I to share their thoughts and opinions about various subjects. By various, I mean largely sports and food. That's like half of life anyway, right?

Previously, I had a blog which stopped, but I just started to write again on the Yahoo! Contributor Network, and I found myself wanting an avenue to post my thoughts quickly and without Yahoo! regulations.

Not coincidentally, a group of my friends and I had the idea to begin posting write-ups of our monthly dinner gatherings, respectfully titled Slobfest. One participant in this dinner volunteered to start up this "Slobblog," but needless to say failed.

That in combination with my new found efforts in writing somethings for Yahoo! led me to create this blog as an all encompassing site for my or any of my friends rants along with a monthly Slobblog review.

Maybe this will grow moving forward, maybe it will stop dead after one or two Slobfests, but at the very least I wanted to get this going and see what happens.

Any topic can pop up on here, but the one commonality will be entertaining stuff put up for everyone's enjoyment. So onward!

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