Thursday, March 15, 2012

NCAA March Madness 2012

Much like St. Patty's Day when everyone is Irish; everyone is an NCAA basketball fan in March.

Perhaps the greatest tournament we have here in the United States of America is underway. No singular tournament sporting event captures the minds of more Americans than the NCAA Tournament. 

Now, in a world where every game is available on television or the Internet, March Madness has become something casual or even non-college basketball fans can get into. The lure is that it's a sports sauce that has been reduced to only the most flavorful and intense parts.

There are no long seasons or need to necessarily root for only one team. The colleges are from all different conferences seeded and put up against each other in a single elimination tournament. Upsets and Cinderella stories are what the early round of the tournament is known for. As the teams push further towards the championship you get great games and memorable buzzer beater finishes. This is a tournament played by a group of college athletes that will give their all. There are no overpaid players here, not yet anyway. It's a pure form of competition and pride put on display at the highest amateur level. 

Take all of that excitement and thrill that the sport is provides and mix in the underlying of gambling on games for a month straight and now you have opened things up to a whole to gamut of people. March Madness offers everyone something to sink their teeth into. It rushes in with Selection Sunday, and within a month a true NCAA champ is crowned. No BCS or arguments, just pure sport on the court. 

This is by far the least I've followed college basketball in a long time, which means absolutely nothing when filling out a bracket (in fact, it probably helps), but I do like Kentucky with all their talent they have on offense and defense. I also think Missouri is strong and look for Kansas, Syracuse, and Louisville to fall early because they usually do.

It'll be a great tournament because it always is. Good luck on your brackets.

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