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FAABulous: Fantasy Football Pick-ups Week 2

Anquan Boldin made a lot of new fans on Sunday. A lot. (mmbq.si.com)
FAABulous will recap the week of football activity and point fantasy owners where to spend their hard earned (not really) FAAB or waiver priority. Players will be owned in at most 50% of Yahoo! FFL. This is the one time where mo' money probably wouldn't mean mo' problems.

You're Joe Flacco. You won a Super Bowl last year after one of the great playoff runs in NFL history. You signed a piece of paper that gave you $120M for that performance, so that's pretty nice. So come week 1 of the NFL season you pull a tough draw with a road game in Denver because your baseball team wouldn't reschedule their game against the Chicago White Sox of all teams. Then you proceed to get obliterated by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Still reeling from such an embarrassing defeat, you try to take your mind off your game and just be a regular ... Joe and watch some football on Sunday. You happen to see your former teammate Anquan Boldin, now in San Francisco. Boldin was traded from the Ravens because they wanted to save $2M. Now, he's playing for one of the best teams in the NFL and happens to accounting for over 200 receiving yards. This is not good.

When that game is over, Boldin would have a line of 13 catches for 208 yards and a touchdown. Your entire wide receiver crew would only put up 15 catches for 215 yards and a touchdown (h/t MMQB). You are bummed.

You're Tom Brady. You just resigned in New England at another cut rate price so the Pats so they can, once again, presumably go get some big name players. Soon after, both of your star tight ends would be injured and incarcerated, and your other star receiver departed for your main AFC rivals for the Super Bowl due to not getting an acceptable contract from the Patriots. The same Patriots you gave a little more money to so they can build a team around you. Except now they've replaced Wes Welker with a version of Wes Welker that has trouble staying on the field. In the opening game against a rookie QB and a ragged team in Buffalo, you barely get out with a win. Your running back redeveloped his fumbling problem, the back up running back played great but fractured his wrist, your new Wes Welker battled through a groin strain all game, and the tight end everyone though you could just plug in had zero catches. You are not happy.

Meanwhile, the original Wes Welker was getting along great with his new buddy Peyton Manning. He hauled in two touchdowns in his typical Welker way. Cutting and moving and sprinting every which way. You are bummed.

There were a'plenty of fantasy points to go around this week, but the debut of some new faces in new places (yes, that means you Chip Kelly) really changed the scope of things already. No one wants to be overly reactionary to things, but next thing you know, Julian Edelman could have 32 touchdowns, or the Eagles may run plays to infinity or the opposing teams' defense just self-combusts on the field.

It's fun to dream, but what we saw was an extremely entertaining week 1 that could mean something as the year progresses, however as of right now, we just don't know.

Things might seem great if you're a LeSean McCoy owner, or you could be wondering if Tom Brady in the 6th was such a great deal when Colin Kaepernick was still on the board. Now is not the time for second guessing because there's nothing you can do about it. Everyone wants to live and die by week 1, but it's hardly written in stone how anything will play out.

Trading for Anquan Boldin may not be the most wise decision, just like cutting David Wilson robably isn't either. There are players that will emerge though. Before you go ahead and cut ties with your 2nd round pick, it's important to look to the waiver wire to see what players might keep this thing rolling and which may not. A season isn't wasted at least until a marquee player struggles for a month or an injury happens, but you can't predict that right now. Now it's best to take a breath before next week and claim some players.

From a mess of a game ... a fantasy star ... will rise. (rantsports.com)
DeAndre Hopkins, WR - HOU (49% owned) v TEN

Leonard Hankerson, WR - WAS (3%) +Green Bay Packers 

Brian Hartline, WR - MIA (46%) +Indianapolis Colts 

Regarding Hopkins, Hankerson and Hartline I could just refer you to my Sleeper WR picks I made a couple of weeks back for these two, but why? What could I possibly gain from doing that?

Alex Smith, QB - KC (40%) +Dallas Cowboys 

Andy Reid acquired Smith from San Francisco after he was displaced by a concussion, then Colin Kapernick. It appears both teams will be happy with their decision. Albeit against the Jaguars, Smith was his usual solid, but not spectacular self. He's definitely a safe play at this point, and with Jamaal Charles healthy and getting Dwayne Bowe more involved, he could have more good games than average ones.

Brent Celek, TE - PHI (21%) v SD

There isn't a great need out there for tight ends as this year's class is pretty deep, but there is reason to take note of Celek in Chip Kelly's offense. It's pretty clear that Celek is the preferred TE for the Eagles over James Casey and Zach Ertz. I'm not a big proponent of rookie tight ends coming in a making a big splash, as they're typically one of the positions with the highest learning curve in the NFL mainly due to pass blocking. Casey looked like he was supposed to take over the main receiving TE role, but injuries and ineffectiveness have left the free agent's status on the team cloudy. Let's face it, you want in on some aspect of this Philly offense.

Terrelle Pryor, QB - OAK (12%) v JAX

Hey, look who it is! It's the NFL's leading rusher after Week 1. Pryor took advantage of a completely underprepared Colts defense to scramble for 112 yards and toss 217 more. He did have two picks in a narrow defeat to the regressing Colts, but this game had all the makings of, "My first option and second option is covered, f'it I'm running." This strategy does not work. Teams will clamp down on Pryor and he will rarely be affective like this moving forward. Although he does have a preferred match-up against the Jags next week.

Julian Edelman, WR - NE (25%) v NYJ

There wasn't much to be thrilled about for owners of any Patriot fantasy owners. This game was a huge letdown. One bright spot was Shane Vereen, who - as it turns out - had a broke wrist all game, and Edelman. The 27 year-old has been with the Pats for 5 years, and although Bill Belichick's aura is slowly diminishing, I'm confident in assuming that if Edelman could have been a regular option on offense, he would have been one already. He's worth a grab just in case, but I wouldn't go crazy for someone that did have two TDs, but also lost out on targets to Kenbrell Thompkins and will lose a lot more looks if Danny Amendola can stay health and if Rob Gronkowski is back in Week 3.


Da'Rel Scott, RB - NYG (3%)

David Wilson had some fumble issues yet again. Fortunately for him and fantasy owners, with Andre Brown injured, there are no other good options. Da'Rel Scott isn't the answer. Neither is Brandon Jacobs or Willis McGahee. It would be wholly insane for Tom Coughlin to immediate give up on Wilson, who has a ton of promise. In fact, it would basically be the opposite of what it means to be a coach just to give up on the guy. Unless Wilson has another multi-fumble game, I don't expect him to lose his job, so that's good. The bad is that there's almost no way he's getting goal line touches. Good for either Jacobs or McGahee. Good for Brandon Myers.

THE 1%

Harry Douglas, WR - ATL (1%) v STL

Roddy White is not 100%, and this just feels like one of those years where he never will be. Douglas is the guy that could benefit from a less fit White.

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